Exhaustion forces herself through the steps, unlike her cousin Despondency. She still goes to the gym but only goes through the motions. She doesn’t push herself and when she is done, she feels worse, not better. After she arrives home, she doesn’t even bother to shower and goes right to the wine rack instead. She pours herself a glass, opens her laptop, and clicks on pages and links aimlessly. Self-loathing calls her to play. If she joins, she will cry, briefly, pointlessly and then continue the mindless clicking. If she doesn’t, she will eventually get off the couch and take care of any number of simple, mechanical tasks that either Stressed-out or Fun-loving, depending on the day, have been making her put off for weeks. At the end of night, Exhaustion, like so many of her relatives—Depression, Frustration, and Embarrassment—has no interest in kisses and caresses and other overtures meant to soothe. Sometimes Exhaustion just doesn’t want to yield the stage to Loved or Appeased. She just wants to sleep alone.

Inspired by J. Ruth Gendler’s The Book of Qualities

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