Girly Things

I spent my most impressionable years in a world of flannel, Doc Martens, carpenter jeans, and Skechers before they became soccer mom shoes. I never would have suspected that one day I would be addicted to Ann Taylor and Banana Republic and New York & Company. The only cosmetic I wore was the heavy black eyeliner required for qualification as an American teenager in the 1990s. I had lots of choke collar necklaces and leather band bracelets, and plenty of body jewelry including a tongue ring and plugs that I eventually stretched out to zero gauge (and no, they don’t ever shrink back all the way. Mostly, but not all the way.). I did wear normal nail polish from time to time, not that I would have ever gone to a professional salon to have it applied, not even had I gone to prom.

But now I’m all about girly things – dresses, skirts (I thoroughly detest the unladylikeness of shorts), scarves, bracelets, necklaces, earrings (which I constantly lose because my holes are too big), shoes, fancy nail designs, and more feminine cosmetics. And shoes! I love shoes! I’m not as extreme as my former students in Russia were with their stilettos in the middle of winter, skittering over two inches of ice while clinging on their boyfriend’s arms for balance. But Payless and Target styles don’t cut it, that’s for sure. I have a unique collection of boots, heels, sandals, and feminine flats for all occasions, and I’m always looking for more. I belong to a beauty club that sends samples by mail of all kinds of products and I…GASP…really look forward to them arriving each month! And I sometimes spend money on products that cost five times more than Suave. I’ve had more than a dozen professional manicures and I recently had my first salon facial, though I can’t say I really got the point of it. I much prefer to spend a week on a tropical island where the humidity and sweat give my face such a lovely natural glow and make my hair so fluffy that I can dispense with the cosmetics and hair products altogether. But I’m not a multimillionaire (yet) so a permanent vacation isn’t an option. I don’t get the whole afternoon-long salon experience either. People think I go to Super Cuts because I’m cheap. But really I go there because I just want to get those split ends cut off as quickly as possible and then get out of there so I can do something more interesting, like writing blog posts! And maybe I’m a little cheap. But overall, I think my conversion to a girly girl is progressing quite steadily. Just don’t expect me to pick up a copy of People magazine at the grocery store checkout line any time ever.

Curious about what everyone else is writing for the A to Z Blog Challenge? Me too! I’m using a random number generator to select three blogs from my fellow contributors to read each day. Here are today’s discoveries:

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