…of boys and how I went about trying to get it.

I was not always as hardline about the way women should conduct themselves vis-à-vis men as I am now. I went through a raging hormone era too, probably for longer than I should have, and I totally get that every gal has to learn for herself. That doesn’t stop me from doling out strict advice to single female friends demanding that they stop pandering to boy-men who are well into their 30s and still aren’t sure they can commit to a monogamous relationship even after six months of casually dating you (that’s just code for he just doesn’t like you!) and who can’t be bothered to make concrete date plans for the weekend more than 10 minutes in advance (that’s just code for he just doesn’t like you!) and who don’t return texts for three days even though their phones are practically glued to their palms (that’s just code for he just doesn’t like you!). But lest anyone think I’m trying to pretend I’m perfect, here are some stupid things I have done to attract the interest of boys.

  • Made out publicly with a close female friend (more than once)
  • Ignored the fact that a guy I was fooling around with was also fooling around with a friend of mine. Well, I guess she was a frenemy, even though the term didn’t exist yet. But the guy kept canoodling with both of use far longer than either of us should have let him.
  • Jumped off a really high bridge into the Erie Canal, even though I was terrified and I rocked back midair and smacked the water with my back parallel to it and the guy in question had to jump in and rescue me because I couldn’t breathe (see my post about Exercise)
  • Flew to a foreign country and sent a guy who lived there money to come meet me at the airport and shack up in a hotel with me for a few days (he didn’t)
  • Had a guy I liked drop me off at the house of another guy for the evening attempting to make the first guy jealous (that one actually worked – though not until many years later when I was no longer interested in him romantically)
  • And like all women, no doubt, I’ve followed many a guy around like a sad little puppy dog, engineering coincidental meetings, wearing ridiculous outfits that were very uncomfortable but that I thought made me look sexy, laughing at his stupid jokes, pretending to care about all the things he cared about, all the while thinking I was being subtle and coy when in retrospect, I clearly was not and should have had more damn self-respect!

A friend of mine who is very happily married and has a baby on the way told me several months ago that she really misses first kisses. The excitement, the tension, the nervousness, the passion, the curiosity. I agree – a first kiss is an unparalleled experience. But we also both agree that all the rest of the bullshit just isn’t worth it. I’ll always have the wonderful, unforgettable memory of my first kiss with my partner and the whole crazy evening on which it happened. And we have millions of more kisses to happen! I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.

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