Unless you are a member of an African tribe that creates them intentionally as body art, keloids are gross and you can’t get rid of them. No matter what methods you try, no matter what the doctors tell you, no matter how much money you spend, if you think you can get rid of them you are wrong. I have one on the back of my ear and I’ve had it lasered, shaved, injected with steroids, and sliced, but it always comes back after about a year and half. Of all the crazy piercings I’ve had – tongue, eyebrow (twice), nose (three times, including once in India under the most unsanitary conditions imaginable and I have no idea how I didn’t catch hepatitis), belly, multiple lobe piercings, and an industrial – the one that left the keloid was the stupid mall kiosk gun piercing I got on my upper ear when I was 18. A damn 30 dollar piercing that left me with an ugly scar I’ve already spent about $2,000 trying to get rid of. Maybe kiosk should have been my K posting. Don’t shop at mall kiosks.

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8 thoughts on “Keloids

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! 🙂 And how’s this for random coincidence – not 12 hours ago, I was discussing keloids with a friend and telling that she should’ve blogged about it for K!


  2. I feel you! I have a long and horrible keloid on my arm resulting from my BCG vaccine. And yes, nothing worked, until I got myself the scaraway sheets ( It took a looooong time, but it’s finally flattening out and the discolouration is also fading. Needs lots of patience though, I only started seeing results half a year after using them. I wish I had taken a ‘before’ picture! Of course, I still don’t know if it will come back when I eventually do stop using them. 😦


    1. Oh yes – I forgot about those sheets. I did actually try those years ago and they didn’t help. They were too hard to apply and keep on given the location on the back of my ear. I think I tried some tea tree oil ointment years ago too. Nothing. The doctor that tried to remove it for me last time recommended a compression earring ( I wear it for a couple hours and it flattens the keloid for a couple hours anyways. Won’t work on an arm though, of course. I do that if I’m going out really dressed up and want to wear my hair up and don’t want to feel like anyone behind me is staring at it. Keloids really are the worst though.


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