Sunday Paper

S is for Sunday paper, and super short blog post, and sloppy writing. I’m quite pressed for time today, but I’m determined to meet this challenge through to end! I am very glad, though, that there are only seven posts left. This is exhausting!

The Sunday paper was, and probably still is in a lot of households, an important American tradition. I was brought into the tradition very early. I read the comics and played Super Jingo with my dad every week, trying to win a vacation. By the way, does anyone out there know what Super Jingo was? They say you can find anything on the internet, but that doesn’t seem to be true in this case. I looked for a Super Jingo image for quite a while but came up empty. Furthermore, Google searches only show up Buffalo News results – some stories about winners and their cool trips to Orlando and Las Vegas. It is possible that this newspaper contest that I looked forward to, but never won, every week for years and years existed only in Buffalo? Someone please tell me if you know what this is!

Anyways, I graduated later to the entertainment and lifestyle sections, and eventually to national and local news with a dash of sports thrown in there too. And of course the ads and coupons. I wouldn’t have been middle class American if I hadn’t loved coupons!

When I moved overseas, I realized that the bulky Sunday edition was a uniquely American phenomenon, or at least wasn’t a thing in any of the countries I lived in. So I got by misunderstanding a lot of news provided by broadcasts in foreign languages. And there was plenty of English language news available on the internet.

After six years away, when I moved back to the States I got my own Sunday subscription, though I’ve never had a seven-day-a-week subscription to a newspaper. But as many people nowadays have realized, everything I read in that Sunday paper I had already read several days before on the internet. So I stopped my subscription about four years ago and I don’t miss it one bit. I haven’t had television service in over three years either. I just can’t see the point when the world of news is at my fingertips all day long anyways, whether I’m at home, in the office, or just walking down the street with my smart phone.

Sometimes I walk out my front door on a Sunday morning and look with envy at my neighbor’s encyclopedia-weight New York Times waiting for him on his welcome mat. But then I just go back into my condo and curl up in bed with the iPad.

Hey, that wasn’t as short as I thought it was going to be. But I haven’t written anything this quickly since I was in grad school writing term papers that I had only started the night before they were due.


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2 thoughts on “Sunday Paper

  1. I sometimes miss the paper and think I would prefer to go back to it. Then I remember the feel of the newspaper (which for some strange reason I just don’t like) and I return to my computer. Now magazines and books on the other hand… I prefer the real deal. Can’t get into them electronically at all.


  2. I’m with you on magazines completely. They’re really hard to navigate electronically. Books – I still lean more toward physical books too, but I’ve read a fair amount on my Kindle as well. It kind of depends on my mood, I think.


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