And so we come to the end. The end of April, the end of the blog challenge, the end of the mittens and scarves and pompom hats, at least for a few months. Let’s chat about another end, the end of adolescence. The end of adolescence is supposed to mean that your body has stopped undergoing the changes that were the cause of so much speculation, confusion, and embarrassment. One of those changes was zits. So many baby apple cheeks turn to active volcano fields of pus when hormones start spiking. So many allowances are spent on Proactiv and Stridex.

But not me! I can count the number of teenage zits I had on one hand thanks to some damn fine genetics. I got the worst of my dad’s genetics – the limp hair, the schnozz, the negative 7.5 glasses prescription. But at least I got the good skin too! And so I thought zits would never be an issue for me.

But oh my goodness was I wrong. Apparently hormonal changes are not just limited to adolescence and menopause because something has been going on with me the last few years that has caused some monster zits. Enormous red dots that last for months and crop up in the most unlikely places. No amount of astringent can suck these red Sharpie tips dry. And little ones too. Barely the size of a point of a needle but perceptible nonetheless against my china doll skin. There’s one that’s been balancing on my upper lip for three months now. They push their way out of my epidermis when I least expect it, sending me on a futile hunt for a pharmacy in the middle of Cockpit Country in Jamaica or rummaging through my in-laws medicine cabinets hoping they have a remedy on hand so I don’t have to buy yet another tube of Clearasil to go with the five I have at home that I didn’t bother to bring on a trip that’s only three days long.

Ok, I’m exaggerating a little bit here. Or a lot. My skin is still mostly clear. I go months without seeing a zit and when one finally appears, it usually does go away in just a few days. But when it doesn’t, it’s really annoying! I mean come on – adult acne? On my butt? Really?

Curious about what everyone else is writing for the A to Z Blog Challenge? Me too! I’m featuring three blogs from my fellow contributors each day. Here are today’s entertaining, lyrical, beautiful, unique, informative, or just plain random discoveries:

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