3 thoughts on “She Was (Janis Hallowell)

  1. Thank you, Jen. This sentence brought me a lot of worried looks from my writers group at the time. People didn’t like me dissing Denver. I seem to remember that I toned down the original sentence (a lot!) to this.


  2. I don’t think it’s a diss at all. I think it’s an accurate description, and it’s the same sentiment my partner and I express all the time. That’s why I had to choose it for my Sunday Sentence. Although Denver has grown up quite a lot in the six and a half years I’ve been here, it’s still small potatoes compared to a lot places. But that’s part of the appeal!


    1. It’s hard to get the essence of a place in one sentence. Here’s Michael Cunningham on New York in THE HOURS: New York in its racket and stern brown decrepitude, its bottomless decline, always produces a few summer mornings like this; mornings invaded everywhere by an assertion of new life so determined it is almost comic, like a cartoon character that endures endless, hideous punishments and always emerges unburnt, unscarred, ready for more.

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