The worst movie I have ever seen is The Best Offer, starring Geoffrey Rush. If you watch the trailer, it doesn’t seem that bad. Actually, I thought it seemed quite interesting, which, of course, is why I started watching it. But not long into it, I started wondering if it was a joke. The acting is horrible and the plot thin, predictable, and hokey. I’m no film critic, but this review sums up my feelings pretty nicely. I can’t understand why an established actor like Rush would agree to be in a movie like this. My thought was maybe it was the film school project of the kid of a friend of his or something. It is really and truly that bad. But my partner and I were having such a good time mocking it that we had to watch it through to the end. And that’s when we came upon the echo (seen at the 1:20 mark of the trailer). The most cringe-worthy and laugh-out-loud part of the whole film. Cinematic effects at their worst. If you are looking for an alternative to Plan 9 From Outer Space for communal yelling at the television screen and throwing tomatoes, this is good option. Otherwise, don’t waste your time.

What else are people writing in the A to Z Blog Challenge? Check out today’s featured blog, sponsored by the letter E: Evelyne Holingue. This was a no-brainer; I’m a foreign language fanatic and was thrilled to discover Evelyne’s blog during the challenge last year. This year’s bilingual entries are even better and since one of my New Year’s resolutions was to work on my French more, I just love these. 

8 thoughts on “Echo

  1. Not sure if you ever saw “Quills” by my husband and I thought the same thing. Geoffrey Rush and Kate Winslet. How could it be bad? We also have a couple of movies that we watch just because they are fun to mock 🙂


  2. Last year some friends had a bad movie marathon on a winter weekend. I didn’t have anything to recommend. Now I do! Thank you! 🙂 (The only movie I even remember from that marathon was “Cat People”. The one good point was the song “Putting Out Fire” by Bowie.)


  3. What is the worst movie I ever saw? Huh, I’m stumped. With Netflix, it’s easy to just stop watching and not feel like you’re wasting money or time. For theater experiences, Darkness Falls comes to mind. Garbage.


    1. Yes, I’ve definitely walked away from more than one or two bad Netflix movies. No point wasting your time and you’re not losing any money if you do turn it off. This one was just too gloriously awful to turn off!


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