My dad golfs. My little brother and sister go with him from time to time. Or at least they did until my brother fell sideways out of a golf cart. That’s about my only connection to the sport.

That and the time I spent waitressing at the Lancaster Country Club. Basically, the “club” is just a place to golf, although according to their website they have a pool now. But when I was there it was just golf. And really just men’s golf. Women could golf there but they didn’t very often. It was really a boys club. The guys who worked the bar got big tips and the ladies that worked the dining room floor got not a lot except sometimes a pat on the ass from some lecherous old man. No, we didn’t share tips. Yes, we still had to tip out the bar staff. It was all kind of lame.

But some good stuff came out of working there. Weddings and parties were fun to work because we got to eat and drink all night, food orders were pre-placed which made service easy, and we got tipped generously from the gratuity added on to the price plus extra from valet and coat check and the bar, which did all get pooled for special events.The kitchen staff were all great people. I ended up dating one of them for a little while and had a blast hanging out with him and his volunteer firefighter friends. And I worked with a wonderful woman named Denise who was endlessly patient with all the waitstaff and taught me things about fine dining that I was clueless about since prior to that I had only waitressed at a Perkins and a pub. She was the first person I ever met who wasn’t waitressing on her way to doing something “better.” She was a career waitress, a consummate professional, and wanted everyone on the staff to show the same level of dedication to the customer experience she did. But she wasn’t a tyrant about it. She was genuinely helpful and acted like a mentor to us younger women and because of that, I’ll never forget her.

So while I never swung a golf club, a golf(ing) club did have a positive influence on my life.


What else are people writing in the A to Z Blog Challenge? Check out today’s featured blog, sponsored by the letter G: Groovy Goldendoodles. I myself am a Finnish Lapphund fan, but I love the singular dedication of this blog. And so many cute pictures!

7 thoughts on “Golf

  1. Denise sounds like an interesting lady. I worked at a “supper club” in high school…sounds a lot like your country club 🙂 We had a couple Denises there, too, and they were my favorite people to work with.


  2. What an excellent “G” post! Denise sounds like a really lovely person. My father-in-law was a chef who ran a catering business. My husband tells some funny stories about being a waiter at big events like wedding receptions. Happy A to Z!


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