This one is easy. I lived in India for five months. I went to the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda for a semester. By went there, I mean I was enrolled. But for the five months I was there, it seemed that we had far more vacation than class time, which was fine with me. I got to travel extensively over the northern part of the country, a little bit into Nepal, and just a very little bit into the south. It would take me five years to write about five months spent traveling around India, so I’ll just list a few of my favorite places.

  • The extensive ruins of Hampi and the unusual landscape of crumbling boulders.
  • The intricate details of the havelis of Jaisalmer and looking out over the desert landscape.
  • Amritsar and sleeping on the floor with the pilgrims at the Golden Temple and eating daal sitting on the floor in a long row of worshipers.
  • The step wells. I love the step wells. All of them. I could sit in them with a journal for hours and hours and hours. I wish I could build a step well in one of the pit mines on my property. That would be the ultimate luxury.
  • Elephanta Island. It was one of the first places I went and although I’ve given away or discarded most of the trinkets I bought in India, this elephant I got there is something I will always have.
  • Train travel. Doesn’t matter to where. Just the whole train experience. But especially on the way to Bodh Gaya when we shared a berth with some Buddhist monks.
  • And of course – the people!

A special thanks to the people whose websites I’ve linked to here. I lived in India from July – December 2000, pre-digital cameras and blogs. These lovely posts capture the experience so well and provide an understanding of the experience far better than my words alone can.

What else are people writing in the A to Z Blog Challenge? Check out today’s featured blog, sponsored by the letter I: Imagine Today. As the author points out, Cleveland gets made fun of a lot. I’ve certainly had more than a laugh or two at it, although as someone who also grew up in a dying city on Lake Erie, I think that’s my right. But I feel a duty to link to this lovely blog that is highlighting many of the wonderful things about the city. Check it out – there’s a lot of great stuff to see. 

8 thoughts on “India

  1. So glad you liked India 🙂 Hampi is one of my favorites too! Did you walk along the banks of the Tungabhadra flowing through Hampi, apart from visiting all those ancient ruins? Isn’t it lovely?


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