During 2012, my official Year of Insane Parties, I hosted a Thanksgiving dinner that has gone down in history as literally the Best Thanksgiving Ever. At the time, I was living in a house that being foreclosed on. I was paying the rent but the landlord, who had moved 1,000 miles away, was not using my rent checks to pay the mortgage. So, the city wanted to foreclose on the house but by Colorado law, they couldn’t do so while the owner was still in bankruptcy proceedings. All of which is to say, I lived there rent free for 13 months before the city was able to kick me out and, as you can imagine, during that time I let the house fall into a state of serious disrepair, largely thanks to the Insane Parties I hosted all year.

Colorado is a state of migrants, which means a lot of people don’t have family to spend Thanksgiving with, so I got a nice crowd over at my place that year. Preparations, and drinking, began around noon. My friend Catia made a beautiful turkey, which I don’t remember eating at all, while a few other friends stuffed a piñata full of nips. Because nothing says Thanksgiving like a booze-filled piñata. And then at some point after we had busted the piñata and enjoyed the prizes, my partner poured Everclear or some other equally undesirable liquor on the fire to get it raging.

Fires are banned in Denver. Everywhere, all the time. But what the heck, it was a holiday! Well, the alcohol and all the dead leaves ended up creating a lot of smoke and one of the neighbors called the fire department. Several very handsome firemen showed up shortly thereafter to “save” us. When they arrived, they quickly ascertained there was no danger, other than that of severe alcohol poisoning. And since the house was under foreclosure and no one would confess to living there, they didn’t issue any tickets. They did hang out with us for ten minutes or so but the turkey wasn’t done yet, so we couldn’t get them to stay much longer. They thanked us for giving them something to do because apparently they were quite bored, and then they were on their way, much to the disappointment of some of my single girlfriends.

There is video of our handsome visitors and some heavy flirtation happening, but I’ll keep that within our circle of friends. Here are a few pictures to enjoy instead.

The man in charge talking to my only friend who was sober enough to take the situation seriously. The piñata rope swings empty overhead.
The kids next door were into all the excitement.
We tried to get them to stay longer but alas, they had to be available for real emergencies.
The only indication that this party was in fact Thanksgiving and not just pure madness.

What else are people writing in the A to Z Blog Challenge? Check out today’s featured blog, sponsored by the letter N: Notes from the Woods. Beautiful images.

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  1. The first time I met a fireman up close I was amazed at how tall and good looking they were!! I was young and impressionable. However they are used as first responders here and now at the other end of life we had occasion to have three of them in our hall attending my sister who had fallen and knocked herself out – they are still tall and good looking !!:)


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