Sanctuary 2.0: Ghost Stories

Unlike the cowardly lion, I don’t believe in spooks. I have no evidence that they exist; therefore, I do not believe. However, the logic works the other way too. I have no evidence they don’t exist; therefore, I’m open to the possibility that they do.

The house I live in has plenty of ghost stories associated with it and some of my friends, who are believers, won’t spend the night in the house. I have slept quite soundly there for over eight months now, but I have had some events that made me wonder if there are forces at work in the house.

#1) I have a recurring dream that a young man comes in the back door to take care of things around the house. It’s always Friday afternoon when he shows up, he’s always wearing the same thing, and he always lets himself in. In the dream, sometimes I’m sitting on the couch when he comes in, but most often, I’m lying in bed taking a nap and I wake up and look over to see him in the kitchen. I’ve had this dream four times now.

#2) My bathroom has a push light above the sink, the kind that is battery operated and has adhesive that sticks it to the ceiling. It’s not connected to any sort of wiring or circuit. There is plenty of light in the bathroom, so I have not once needed to turn it on. One night in mid-May, I turned the bedroom light off to go to sleep and then noticed a glow coming from the bathroom. That push light was on. No one else had been in my house for over a week. Had someone turned it on a week earlier, I would have noticed it before that night and the batteries would probably have burned out had it been on that whole time.

#3) In mid-August, Ironman came to visit and we took off on a three-day camping and mountain climbing weekend. When we returned Monday evening, I noticed that the throw rug in front of the kitchen sink was a little damp. I didn’t see water leaking from anywhere, so I hung it up to dry and then we went to sleep. When we woke in the morning, there was water pooled across the kitchen floor. Again, there was no visible leak, no visible source of the water. I checked under the kitchen sink, but found the pipes and cabinet completely dry. We cleaned up the water and then threw our sweaty hiking clothes in the washing machine. A few moments after we started the wash cycle, water inundated the kitchen. We grabbed all the towels, bedsheets, and throw rugs in the house to absorb it but could barely keep up with the flow. I crouched back under the kitchen sink and again found it completely dry. The water appeared to be coming from the baseboards themselves. But there were two water shutoff valves under the sink and I turned them anyway. Thankfully, the flow stopped. I took photos and notified my landlady of the problem. Since I was leaving for a European vacation in four days, she said she would take care of the problem while I was gone. Well, she came to investigate but never found a problem. There was no break, crack, leak, or rusted through spot anywhere in the pipes. She ran the washing machine with no further flooding, as did I when I got home from my trip.


I have no explanation for where the water came from. That’s all I can say. I have no evidence of a poltergeist or something more sinister at work, so I’m still a non-believer. And I sleep in the house just fine. But damn if I’m not curious! Does anyone have an idea what the cause might have been?

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