The Novel: New Year, New Project

I didn’t choose a New Year’s resolution, but a resolution chose me. I’m coauthoring a YA novel. This is an unexpected turn brought about in part by reading No Country for Old Men and by a personal and highly controversial project Ironman was working on. No, none of that is supposed to make sense to you. Perhaps I’ll explain someday if this novel is successful and I end up on a book tour.

To get in the right head space for writing for this audience, I spent some time looking back through my senior yearbook. I’m not in the yearbook as much as I was in previous years because I only went to school a half day that year. I was all about making money at my awesome Burger King job, hanging out with my college-age friends, and being done with Alden once and for all. But, I still had friends in school and they left some entertaining and often cryptic messages on the pages of that yearbook.

I have no idea what these messages are about. 

Let’s make some novels for Drama at the Rock! – JH

I’ll never forget the Hobbit Hole or Mae West. – CS

I accomplished one deviant deed taking you home, but I’ve only just begun. – NB

You know what I want to say about Gettysburg, but I won’t. – TK

Remember over the summer harassing Brandon about Phil’s $; PHIL – ewww! I can’t believe that happened. – MM

Well, I was no angel but I guess I was being a good friend.

Thank you soooo much for being you. Whether it be by providing a safe haven in for me in English, or supplying my first cigarette in July 1995 at the Weezer concert. – DR

Well, I gotta go finish copying your paper, bye-bye. – CK

I hope this one was just joking around!

I’ll get the $…don’t cut off my toes! – NS

And how sweet some of my friends were.

I really don’t think your tongue ring is gross although other people do. – LS

Sorry a million times about the fat chick that I took to the prom last year…bitch. – ML



I also went through my old photos, and when I was digging these up, I realized how few candids I have of my and my friends from back in the day. But then I remembered – we didn’t grow up in a world where everyone had a camera on their person at all times. Photos were often limited to what parents took at formal events. And thank goodness for that! I can’t imagine growing up now when everything you do is online in eight different places before you can blink.

What are your favorite send-off messages from your high school posse? Share in the comments!

3 thoughts on “The Novel: New Year, New Project

  1. we never had year books but we did have a tradition of messages written on your school uniform and school diary. The messages on the uniform have long since faded and the diary where we used to note down our homework assignments has messages that sound cryptic now. As for photos they were really so formal that all of us were scowling rather than smiling!


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