39 and Counting

I am now in my 40th ride around the sun. Technically my birthday was a few days ago, but I’m in the middle of the A to Z blog challenge, and didn’t want to bombard my readers with two posts in one day, so I’m posting on a challenge day off. I spent my birthday weekend indulging in a stay in the Lumber Baron Inn and doing all the things in Denver I never do anymore, since Boulder has me firmly in its gentle grasp.

I’m feeling fantastic in this, the last year of my thirties. Last year was everything I could have wanted, and I have no reason to believe that this year won’t be every bit as wonderful. To celebrate, I’d like to highlight what made my last year so enjoyable.


I spent more time with my existing friends, getting to know them better, enjoying a lot of laughs with them, and plying them with cheap, boxed wine to get them through the rough times.

I reconnected with an old friend I hadn’t seen in 18 years.

I met a lot of people during my seven months of dating, some interesting and some I never care to see again, but I made a new friend out of it all.

My old man, Trotsky Bear, who is 11 this year, got a 100% perfect bill of health from the vet on his most recent checkup, though he did get three wobbly teeth pulled and now has the goofiest grin ever.



A business (and fun!) trip to Portland, OR for a technical writers conference

Three camping weekends (Rocky Mountain National Park, Buffalo Creek, and South Park National Heritage Area)

Six extended weekend getaways (writing retreat in Colorado Springs, CO, a wedding in Telluride, CO, Thanksgiving in Kansas City, KS, a romantic farm in Glen Rose, TX, the hot springs in Glenwood Springs, CO, and a cross-Texas road trip to Big Bend National Park and Terlingua Ghost Town, TX)

Several short trips to Dallas

One big domestic road trip (from Boulder to Boise and back)

Two big international trips (one to Switzerland & Italy and one to Spain)



I started Orange Theory Fitness and joined a few running clubs. I am now in the best shape of my life, soon to run a half-marathon for the first (and I swear, only) time.

I started cooking delicious and healthy meals several times a week.

I was promoted to Senior Technical Writer.

I got to live in a wonderfully quirky old house.

I did tons of reading and writing (and more Netflixing than I care to admit!).



39? Bring it on!



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