Two years ago today, I was a fresh and utterly overwhelmed face sitting in a product training course at the LogRhythm headquarters. I didn’t know what I was getting into or if it would really be a good fit for me, but I had been handed an opportunity at a successful and growing company, so there I was.

The job turned out to be an excellent fit and for quite some time now, I’ve felt like I’ve had my next three to seven years mapped out professionally. This is a big statement coming from me, given that my record for full time employment with a single company is only two years and eleven months.

Two weeks ago everything changed. LogRhythm sold a majority ownership stake to a private equity firm. I say everything changed, but so far nothing about life as an employee has changed and won’t for at least a few months, maybe not until 2019, and possibly not ever. At least nothing that matters to my desire to continue working here. But perhaps everything will change. And if it does, I might choose to leave. They might force me to leave. Anything I say now is pure speculation and so life is going on, business as usual.

Yet there’s a flame deep inside that’s been reignited. In a small way, the world has suddenly opened back up to me and that is a sensation I enjoy. My ten year anniversary as a Colorado resident is only two months away and I’ve been feeling pinned down to the center of this country, trapped by geography, by a lease, by a dog, by relationships, by a fear of starting over that I didn’t have when I was younger, by the need to be a responsible adult with a clear focus on my long term circumstances for once in my life. I crave foreignness, newness, adventure, exploration, and the great unknown. This decade-long life detour aside, those concepts are who I am. The time to re-embrace them may be here.

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