Human vs. Mouse

After a year and a half haitus, I returned to the storytelling stage last November. The theme of the night was “Fire.”

I won second place with this story, which means I’ll be performing in the season finale on March 3 at 7pm in Boulder’s Dairy Arts Center. Come out to see me, all the other great storytellers, and the always hilarious hosts and house band!

3 thoughts on “Human vs. Mouse

  1. Nice job. I’m so impressed – you couldn’t pay me to stand up and talk in front of a crowd. (Hey! We’re different in that respect!) Did you blog about this? If so, I’d love to read it. And by the way, I’ve been in that situation with a mouse – not the one I blogged about last month, but a different house and a different mouse. It’s awful when you don’t feel comfortable in your own home. Eeew! Kill the little bastards!


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