Am I A Grown-Up Now?

Now that I’m 40 and half my life has gone by, it seems about time to do the big girl thing and commit. To property. I almost bought a townhouse back in January and then I didn’t…and then, a week ago, I bought the same townhouse I passed on before. Well, not the exact same one, but it’s in the same community and it’s the same unit letter and position, just one building down. I’m glad I waited because the interest rate I have now is a full percent lower than what I had back in January. That’s tens of thousands of dollars in savings on a loan this big. Plus, I got a better unit because in this one, the previous owner shrunk both the kitchen and bathroom slightly to fit in a third bedroom. The location of the building is also better, with a large tree at the corner and not butting right up to the next building.

Here’s everything I love about it:

  • It has only one shared wall with no one above or below me. I don’t want a house because I don’t want to deal with a yard (or move out of Boulder to somewhere I could actually afford a house), so having only one shared wall in a community living situation is quite the lucky find.
  • It’s in Boulder proper, which is defined by me as the area bounded by Diagonal/Iris to the north, the foothills to the west, Baseline to the south, and Foothills Parkway to the east.
  • I somehow made my ridiculously short commute (5-10 minutes) even shorter (4-6 minutes) because I no longer have to go through Boulder’s busiest intersection. Plus, I go over a bridge, which gives me the most epic view of all the foothills west of Boulder every single morning.
  • It has a carport with enough space for guest parking.
  • It has a fireplace, two bedrooms plus a bonus office space, nice and newish appliances, stylish wood floors in the common areas, and a nicely redone kitchen (mostly) and bathroom.
  • It’s on a dead-end road with almost no one around if I don’t even feel like walking to the dog park on the coldest winter days.
  • I have a large, private deck with a beautiful tree shading  part of it for Trotsky’s rest and relaxation, while the other part is in full sun for vegetable and flower growing.
  • It has a community center with a pool and sauna.
  • It’s on the running path with a barely-used, grassy (not sand), off-leash dog park just a three minute walk away. I sit on the picnic bench with my smoothie while Trotz spends 20 minutes every morning sniffing and rolling and loving life.
  • The price per square foot gives plenty of room to grow, considering what other properties in Boulder are selling for, making it a great investment. But also, the mortgage is also low enough that I could cover it with rent if I leave Boulder in a few years.

Things I don’t like about it:

  • The kitchen cupboards are seriously ghetto, but that can be easily fixed.
  • The deck faces a busy road, but at least I can’t hear any traffic noise at all inside the house.

That’s it! There’s nothing else I don’t like. Trotsky seems to like it too. Here’s a little before and after side-by-side from moving day.

I moved in on July 13, so I’m in the unpacking phase still. And it’ll take a while to figure out how I want to furnish and decorate the place, since the Little House on the Prairie was fully furnished and I own almost nothing. I do have a few pieces of furniture, and I obviously bought a mattress right away, but I want to give myself some time to get a feel for the place before I decide exactly what to do with it.

Since the new place is nowhere near photo-ready, instead, I’ll leave you with the chicken decor from the last place. I meant to feature them in more blog posts over the last year and a half, but never got around to it except for this one and this one. Can you believe I walked away from all this fabulousness? At least one chicken made the move with me.

10 thoughts on “Am I A Grown-Up Now?

  1. Yay! Congratulations! Sounds like you got a great place. You certainly are a grown-up, and were before this purchase, but in my experience, certain members of society won’t truly view you as one until you have kids. At least until you hit a certain age, at which point they have to concede that you are an adult, kids or not.

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    1. Haha, guess I’ll be waiting for that mysterious age then since I’m not having kids! BTW, got my first 14er of the season done yesterday – finally! Mt. Yale. Highly, highly recommended! Beautiful trail.

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      1. Now THAT makes you an adult. 🏔Congratulations! As for that mysterious age, it’s somewhere around the mid-40s when people finally accept that you really meant it when you said you didn’t want any. Also by then they’ve stopped hoping you’ll change your mind because now you’re too old and it’s dangerous. 🙂

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  2. Had to respond again. The husband just reminded me of the first time he felt like an adult. We went to my new colleagues’s house for dinner and on arrival she offered him a scotch. That was it – adulthood achieved!


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