Random Thoughts from the Dominican Republic

The Caves The DR has fabulous caves and cenotes to explore, especially in Cotubanamá National Park. The first, Cueva de Chicho, is a short one kilometer walk in from the parking lot through a picturesque forest. Bring your snorkel gear, or if you dive, hire someone to take you down. I've been slowly getting into … Continue reading Random Thoughts from the Dominican Republic

Still Got It…But I Don’t Want It

When I went to Ecuador in 2021, I was surprised, and pleased, at how little catcalling I was subjected to. Sexual harassment was the norm in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Mexico. To a lesser degree in Belize and Cuba, but to a greater degree in Jamaica. So that I could go about my business in … Continue reading Still Got It…But I Don’t Want It

100 Original Trails, For The Fourth Time

November 2021 Skidaway Island (Savannah, Georgia), Priest's Landing Trail Savannah National Wildlife Refuge (Hardeeville, South Carolina), Kingfisher Pond Loop Cumberland Island National Seashore (St. Mary's, Georgia), Nightingale and Parallel Trails Hunting Island State Park (Beaufort County, South Carolina), Lagoon and Maritime Forest Trails December 2021 Parque Metropolitano Guangüiltagua, (Quito, Ecuador), various trails Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve … Continue reading 100 Original Trails, For The Fourth Time

In the Trenches

Although I associate Vietnam more with tourism and digital nomads than with war, unlike my dad, it's still impossible to not think about the war while you're there. American troops withdrew from Vietnam only six years before I was born, so I'm old enough to have grown up feeling its impact on American culture and … Continue reading In the Trenches

I See White People Everywhere

When I told my dad I was going to Vietnam on vacation, he couldn't believe it. As someone born in 1950 and coming of age during the height of the Vietnam War (though luckily never having to serve), he was baffled that the country was friendly toward American (and all Western) tourism. I can see … Continue reading I See White People Everywhere

End of Year Book Report (#8)

I barely read anything in July, August, and September this year. Sometimes, I just need a brain break. But I found my love of books again at some point midway through October and started reading a ton, starting with some light and fluffy books first and then getting back into my real love, literary fiction. … Continue reading End of Year Book Report (#8)

Another Full Calendar Year As A Nomad

As I look forward to all the adventures 2023 has in store for me, it's time to share another post of one pic from everywhere my nomad life took me in the previous year. So long, 2022 - I've loved every minute of you! Galápagos Cuenca, Ecuador Argentina Life Patagonia Vacation Santiago, Chile New York … Continue reading Another Full Calendar Year As A Nomad