A to Z Blog Challenge Recap

For this year’s A-Z Blog Challenge, I showcased 26 of my favorite places in the world. I didn't do nearly as much writing for the challenge as I did in previous years, but I had a lot of fun going down memory lane, and I hope I've given some readers ideas about wonderful places to … Continue reading A to Z Blog Challenge Recap

KiZhi, Russia (Spring 2005)

While You Are There: Imagine that you are a Russian peasant living in the 1700s. And then be glad that you aren't and that we live in the 2000s and you can go admire places like this as a tourist. Just don't pay for one of those absurdly overpriced cruises up the Volga to get here. … Continue reading KiZhi, Russia (Spring 2005)

Yurt in Talkeetna, Alaska (July, 2015)

While You Are There: Try not to get eaten by a bear while you are taking care of business in the doorless outhouse. I mean, isn't that the dream, to be able to watch the birds flying around and the rain splashing on the ground while you are getting rid of the non-nutritious parts of last … Continue reading Yurt in Talkeetna, Alaska (July, 2015)

железная дорога (2002 – 2006)

Yes, I realize I'm fudging the alphabet a little here because this should technically be under the letter Z, but since the Cyrillic letter looks like an X, let's just go with it. This post is the Railroad! While You Are There: You can do everything on a train. A train is a world unto itself. … Continue reading железная дорога (2002 – 2006)

Wagah Border Park, India (November, 2000)

While You Are There: If you are anywhere in the vicinity of this border crossing in your lifetime, for example if you are visiting Amritsar and the Golden Temple, find the time to go see the ceremony. And tell me if the Niagara Falls cafe is still there. https://youtu.be/TAx5LlPDcbM Why It's On My List: If you've seen … Continue reading Wagah Border Park, India (November, 2000)

Vilnius, Lithuania and Europos Parkas (2005)

While You Are There: Why, observe the unusual art, of course. Bring a sketchpad or a notebook and plan to spend the day. The sculptures and installations will give you a lot to think about. Why It's On My List: When you need to leave Russia for a few days to get a new visa but … Continue reading Vilnius, Lithuania and Europos Parkas (2005)

Ukraine (December, 2005)

While You Are There: I went around the country for two weeks for Christmas and New Year's. Can you say you've ever rung in the New Year in Lviv? Maybe not the most exotic or exciting place to do so, but certainly unexpected. Also seen in the photos above are Alushta, Bakhchysaray, Kiev (oh man do I … Continue reading Ukraine (December, 2005)

(El) Tule, Oaxaca, Mexico (April, 2002)

While You Are There: The beauty of Oaxaca city is well known and one could easily spend weeks here and not get bored. It's a very touristy city, but that's not always a bad thing. The people watching, architecture, art galleries, and restaurants are worth the trip. Outside Oaxaca, there are plenty of day trips, including … Continue reading (El) Tule, Oaxaca, Mexico (April, 2002)

San Juan, Honduras (October or November, 2003)

While You Are There: I don't think you can go here anymore, sadly. Well, you can go to the town but you can't have this experience. My memory of this homestay is foggy. I scoured the internet and found nothing, only an article that says the Peace Corps pulled out of Honduras five years ago. What … Continue reading San Juan, Honduras (October or November, 2003)

Rhine River Cruises and Rheinfels Castle, Sankt Goar, Germany (July, 2001)

While You Are There: Yeah, you could hike down the Rhine River, but a river cruise is really the way to go. There are so many castles and you get such a great view of them from the river while you are enjoying some German beer, so it seems foolish to exert the energy to hike. One … Continue reading Rhine River Cruises and Rheinfels Castle, Sankt Goar, Germany (July, 2001)