On the Second Day of China: A Break From My Life

A close friend of mine works for a multinational medical device company, and when her coworkers go to China, they bring special laptops with only what they need for that specific trip. Then those laptops get wiped when they come back. This is not a surprise given China's reputation for having a complete lack of … Continue reading On the Second Day of China: A Break From My Life

On the First Day of China: All the People

I love Boulder. But as I've mentioned before, Boulder is almost 90 percent white and, more importantly than skin color, fairly homogeneous in terms of interests and education level, especially in my group of friends. So, while I went to China to learn about the Chinese, I also talked to everyone I met on the … Continue reading On the First Day of China: All the People

A to Z Blog Challenge Recap

For this year’s A-Z Blog Challenge, I showcased 26 of my favorite places in the world. I didn't do nearly as much writing for the challenge as I did in previous years, but I had a lot of fun going down memory lane, and I hope I've given some readers ideas about wonderful places to … Continue reading A to Z Blog Challenge Recap

железная дорога (2002 – 2006)

Yes, I realize I'm fudging the alphabet a little here because this should technically be under the letter Z, but since the Cyrillic letter looks like an X, let's just go with it. This post is the Railroad! While You Are There: You can do everything on a train. A train is a world unto itself. … Continue reading железная дорога (2002 – 2006)

Wagah Border Park, India (November, 2000)

While You Are There: If you are anywhere in the vicinity of this border crossing in your lifetime, for example if you are visiting Amritsar and the Golden Temple, find the time to go see the ceremony. And tell me if the Niagara Falls cafe is still there. https://youtu.be/TAx5LlPDcbM Why It's On My List: If you've seen … Continue reading Wagah Border Park, India (November, 2000)

Mt. Everest, seen from Nagarkot, Nepal (November, 2000)

While You Are There: Chances are slim to none that you'll only be going to Nagarkot. You'll probably be in Kathmandu and there is plenty to do there. But if you've been living in India for the past four months on a vegetarian diet, I strongly recommend against gorging yourself on a steak at one of … Continue reading Mt. Everest, seen from Nagarkot, Nepal (November, 2000)

Jeju and Seongsan Ilchulbong Crater, South Korea (August, 2002)

While You Are There: Hike in the crater and get drenched in sweat. That's what I remember about it - the humidity inside. It's its own microclimate. It's a steamy tropical jungle. Clearly the volcano inside is not active, but it's so hot that you get the sensation it might erupt at any moment. Or maybe … Continue reading Jeju and Seongsan Ilchulbong Crater, South Korea (August, 2002)

Indian Step Wells (August, 2000)

While You Are There: Bring a book and hang out for a few hours in the cool escape from a hot day. Play with the local children. Imagine the women in their brightly colored saris lounging and chatting. Soak up the history. Why It's On My List: I had never read about or heard of such a … Continue reading Indian Step Wells (August, 2000)


While You Are There: Your on-board experiences will vary widely, but whether you are living it up in a private cabin on a ship with plenty of booze and entertainment, or crammed in a cold and leaky vessel with a bunch of local fisherman, enjoy it! It's not your everyday experience. It's part of being … Continue reading Ferries!

Amritsar and the Golden Temple (November, 2000)

While You Are There: Sleep on a mat on the floor with the pilgrims, eat in the communal kitchen, make a karah parshad offering in the temple, close your eyes and listen to the the singing, walk around the pool, people watch, strike up a conversation with a student from the Miri Piri Academy, relax, make a … Continue reading Amritsar and the Golden Temple (November, 2000)