The Half Year Book Report (#3)

January through June 2017 I didn't read very much during the first half of this year. If you follow my blog, you know I've gone through a major life change and, as a result, haven't had the concentration for reading that I normally do. I've set aside the printed word for a lot of Netflix … Continue reading The Half Year Book Report (#3)

Oh My Darling (Amity Gaige)

But even as a child, she knew what this* meant - that it would only become more difficult to locate what you had lost, for the galaxy was yet breaking apart, and the stars, in their brilliant independence, were burning for no one.   *this = the idea that the initial explosion that created the … Continue reading Oh My Darling (Amity Gaige)

The End of Year Book Report (#2)

July through December 2016 Title: The Long Weekend: Life in the English Country House Author: Adrian Tinniswood Date Finished: 7/3 Finished: ~ish Format: Hard cover Ranking Out of 10: 6 Notes: I wasn’t as in to this book as I thought I’d be. I have an obsession with English (and Irish and Scottish, etc) country … Continue reading The End of Year Book Report (#2)