Missed Connection: Found and Relinquished

When I posted last week about things I had never done before, I deliberately omitted one experience because it deserves a post all its own. Here it is. Around 11:30 AM on February 11th, I was standing in the 15th Street post office in Boulder. I was the seventh or eighth person in line, there … Continue reading Missed Connection: Found and Relinquished

Sanctuary 2.0: Re-Engaging the Senses

I recently starting rereading Diane Ackerman’s A Natural History of the Senses, which I read for the first time approximately two years ago. The book is an exquisite and vivid journey through our five senses and how they guide and influence our interactions with the world around us. It’s a beautiful piece of writing that … Continue reading Sanctuary 2.0: Re-Engaging the Senses

The Boy and the Bridge

I am deep in the abyss of NaNoWriMo, busily writing a terrible draft of the next (eventually) great American novel, so please enjoy this piece that I prepared and performed for Truth Be Told, Boulder in April 2016. https://youtu.be/VuCKZF45eQY If you want to read more, the Miah I talked about is also featured in this blog … Continue reading The Boy and the Bridge