Quehueche Rio and Livingston, Guatemala (October, 2004)

While You Are There: The one must-do is to learn about Garifuna culture. Beyond that, there's not much to do and that's the point. Guatemala is often about the bustle of Antigua and viewing Mayan ruins, but when you need to stop, sit in a cafe, and look out at the ocean for awhile, this is … Continue reading Quehueche Rio and Livingston, Guatemala (October, 2004)

Tanka, July 12th, Soldotna

a bear paw thrashes beneath the surface, missing salmon from the lake later splayed on styrofoam because bait evokes no fear   Memories of a trip to Alaska, told in tanka. Tanka follow a syllable pattern of 5-7-5-7-7. The middle line serves as a turning point, so that if you read just the first three lines, … Continue reading Tanka, July 12th, Soldotna