The End of Year Book Report (#4)

July through December 2018   Title: Still Alice Author: Lisa Genova Date Finished: 7/6  Finished: Yes Format: Kindle Ranking Out of 10: 5  Notes: I did not enjoy the style of writing. It felt pedantic, like a parable. The story was good but it was too obviously written to inform readers about a condition rather than letting the readers enjoy a novel … Continue reading The End of Year Book Report (#4)

Sympathy is for the Squirrels

Response piece to the following segment from George Saunder’s Tenth of December and a subsequent reading of In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson is Buried by Amy Hempel Looking down at the brain slice Eber had felt a sense of superiority. Poor guy. It was pretty unlucky, what had happened to him. He and Molly … Continue reading Sympathy is for the Squirrels