Arcadia? Athens? Cuenca!

The mythical Arcadia is a place of harmony with nature, a utopia free of pride and avarice, uncorrupted by civilization, over which Pan—god of wild nature—reigns. It has been imagined, written about, painted, and depicted in media over for thousands of years. Many towns around the world have given themselves this name, ambitiously, foolishly, ironically. … Continue reading Arcadia? Athens? Cuenca!

On the Tenth Day of China: History’s History

One thing I noticed fairly early on in my trip is that the Chinese use the word "new" to talk about anything from the Qing dynasty onward. The Qing dynasty started in 1636, just moments after the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. The thousands of years of dynasties before that are the real history to … Continue reading On the Tenth Day of China: History’s History

Pools of Mud in San Jacinto, Nicaragua (May, 2008)

While You Are There: Hang out in León for a few days, see the ruins, go to the beach, go sandboarding, and drink some rum. There's no shortage of activities in this part of the country. León is easily my favorite place in Nicaragua (although Ometepe is pretty great too!) and this quote from Lonely Planet … Continue reading Pools of Mud in San Jacinto, Nicaragua (May, 2008)

Indian Step Wells (August, 2000)

While You Are There: Bring a book and hang out for a few hours in the cool escape from a hot day. Play with the local children. Imagine the women in their brightly colored saris lounging and chatting. Soak up the history. Why It's On My List: I had never read about or heard of such a … Continue reading Indian Step Wells (August, 2000)