Mid-Year Book Report (#8)

I began the year perusing the lovely used bookstores (UsedBooks Librería and Carolina Bookstore) and book exchanges in the cafés of Cuenca, Ecuador. Shortly thereafter, I moved to the bookstore capital of the world - Buenos Aires - where it's completely normally to sit and read in public. This city has around one bookstore for … Continue reading Mid-Year Book Report (#8)

The End of Year Book Report (#2)

July through December 2016 Title: The Long Weekend: Life in the English Country House Author: Adrian Tinniswood Date Finished: 7/3 Finished: ~ish Format: Hard cover Ranking Out of 10: 6 Notes: I wasn’t as in to this book as I thought I’d be. I have an obsession with English (and Irish and Scottish, etc) country … Continue reading The End of Year Book Report (#2)