On the First Day of China: All the People

I love Boulder. But as I've mentioned before, Boulder is almost 90 percent white and, more importantly than skin color, fairly homogeneous in terms of interests and education level, especially in my group of friends. So, while I went to China to learn about the Chinese, I also talked to everyone I met on the … Continue reading On the First Day of China: All the People

Tanka, July 3th, Anchorage

the arctic frontier lure us, all humanity together, a toast to adventure, claim we, eyes averted from their excess   Memories of a trip to Alaska, told in tanka. Tanka follow a syllable pattern of 5-7-5-7-7. The middle line serves as a turning point, so that if you read just the first three lines, there … Continue reading Tanka, July 3th, Anchorage