KiZhi, Russia (Spring 2005)

While You Are There:¬†Imagine that you are a Russian peasant living in the 1700s. And then be glad that you aren't and that we live in the 2000s and you can go admire places like this as a tourist. Just don't pay for one of those absurdly overpriced cruises up the Volga to get here. … Continue reading KiZhi, Russia (Spring 2005)

Tanka, July 10, Nikolaevsk

simplicity of old believers on display for a price, enjoy the inauthenticity of dumplings sold at Costco   Memories of a¬†trip to Alaska, told in tanka. Tanka follow a syllable pattern of 5-7-5-7-7. The middle line serves as a turning point, so that if you read just the first three lines, there is a different … Continue reading Tanka, July 10, Nikolaevsk