Big Birthday in Belize

For my 40th birthday, I was toying around with the idea of a long weekend with friends somewhere like Nashville, Asheville, or New Orleans. But when tickets came up to Belize for $350 round trip, well, plans changed. Melissa¬†(who turns 40 just six weeks after me) and I snapped up that deal and started planning … Continue reading Big Birthday in Belize

Word Soup Free Verse 2

Ahoy, Blue! - she cried. Holy Azul! - they yelled back. Strangers on the ocean. Animosity lacking, for the distance between them kept them safe And I, in my berth, dreamed of a periwinkle Botswana. Cut a bunch of interesting words from magazines, junk mail, paint samples, church hymnals, stolen restaurant menus...wherever you can find … Continue reading Word Soup Free Verse 2