Eight Days in the Mid-Atlantic (Part 1)

This summer, I’m keeping my travel domestic and fulfilling some long overdue visits to friends and family. I forgot how cheap it is to vacation when you don’t have to pay for hotels and you don’t have to go out for every meal. Also, I’ve been to places I’m going this summer many times before, … Continue reading Eight Days in the Mid-Atlantic (Part 1)

Las Pozas, Xilitla, Mexico (April, 2002)

While You Are There: Bring a sketchbook or a notebook and spend the day being inspired. Why It's On My List: The artist describes it as a Garden of Eden and I agree. It's a surreal, magical, and romantic place that I stumbled across in a guidebook when I lived in Mexico and decided I had … Continue reading Las Pozas, Xilitla, Mexico (April, 2002)