Sanctuary 2.0: More Ghost Stories

In the spirit of the season, here are three more events from my supposedly haunted house. It's been a pretty quiet year, though, so don't expect too much from this post. Spookiness Level: 1/10 The Situation: I opened a sample size tub of Hustle Butter Luxe I had and found the tub empty. It was sitting on a side … Continue reading Sanctuary 2.0: More Ghost Stories

6 Years and 346 Days Later…So Long, Denver!

Between the ages of 18 and 33, this was my life: start college, drop out of college, get my first apartment, start a new college, study abroad in Australia, study abroad in India, study abroad in Germany, graduate, work in Mexico, work in South Korea, work in Russia, work in Honduras, work in Russia (again!), … Continue reading 6 Years and 346 Days Later…So Long, Denver!

The Final Weekend

50,398 voices rise up in the anticipation of a home run. A generator runs unrelentingly. The city bus wheezes and creaks. Heavy construction machinery emits a steady beep as it moves in reverse. A food service truck engine idles as the workers unload the perishables. A horn honks as a driver grows impatient at the … Continue reading The Final Weekend