To the Lighthouse (Virginia Woolf)

To pursue truth with such astonishing lack of consideration for other people's feelings, to rend the thin veils of civilization so wantonly, so brutally, was to her so horrible an outrage of human decency that, without replying, dazed and blinded, she bent her head as if to let the pelt of jagged hail, the drench of dirty water, … Continue reading To the Lighthouse (Virginia Woolf)

The Half Year Book Report (#2)

January through June 2016   Title: Good Christian Bitches Author: Kim Gaitlin Date Finished: 1/9 Finished: Yes Format: Paperback Ranking Out of 10: 3 Notes: I’m so embarrassed that this is the first book on my list this year, although I was reading a few others simultaneously, which you can probably figure from the dates … Continue reading The Half Year Book Report (#2)