I’m a creative writer, technical writer, and academic writer living in Boulder, Colorado. I spend a lot of time writing! But I make sure to spend plenty of time on mountain trails with my best friend too.


In my creative work, I primarily write contemporary short stories and young adult novels, though I dabble in essays and poetry as well. I’ve been working seriously at creative writing for about five years now, and I have three big goals for 2020.

  • Complete a final revision of my first young adult novel and acquire an agent.
  • Complete a first draft of my second young adult novel.
  • Submit all fifteen of my short stories to at least ten journals each.

While you eagerly await to see my work in print, you can watch me tell some some stories from my life on the Truth Be Told stage.

The Boy and the Bridge

Human vs Mouse

Flora vs Fauna

And please enjoy the blog!

I like hearing from my readers. Tell me what’s on your mind.